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设计师: 孙锦 史文光


Holding Color Ribbon Dancing in The Sky- Design Description of Guang Xi Coastal View Layout Exhibition Center  


The project is a comprehensive exhibition hall, with tourist service and an ocean view layout exhibition center, 73m in length and 1600 m²in gross area. Its streamlined eave looks like a sailboat returning home under costal afterglow and lazily anchoring on the coast of Mao Wei Sea. The project faces the sea with the mountains for a background.


It’s designed conceptually based on the smooth prospect of career development, listening to the sea, watching the mountain in green ecology. The architecture is an open space under a herringbone roof, equipped with reception, meeting room, enterprise exhibition, real estate exhibition, peaceful reading area, leisurely cafe, children playing space, working area and so on to support costal development.

装饰重点:服务台形成仿树形状,主背景墙用灰色烧毛石材切割成树状,利用微喷滴灌技术做真实的绿植墙背景,让空间形成一个微生态,最为壮观灵动的顶棚造型灯饰横贯空间取蛟龙戏水之姿的气势美;取“赤橙黄绿青蓝紫, 谁持彩练当空舞,雨后复斜阳,今朝更好”的动态美、愿景美做水晶灯饰烘托整体空间的气象美。

Decoration highlights:

The reception is in tree-like shape, the main wall is segmented into a tree-like shape with grey singeing stones, making a real plant wall with micro-jet and dripping technology, forming a micro-ecology space. The spectacular ceiling lights traverse with beauty of vigor like a dragon playing with water, the beauty of dynamic and vision like what is written in the poetry by Chairman Mao, ’Seven colors appear in the sky, who is holding a color ribbon dancing there? The setting sun comes out after rain, No time is better than now.’ Moreover, the beauty of atmosphere in the overall space is added up by the crystal lightings.



The A/C vent in the hall adopts vertical transformed tree-like A/C cover, with elegant and artistic red lines, the underneath is air inlet and outlet, the upper part softens the room combing with floodlighting. A/C pipelines are hidden inside the tree-like cover which is integrated into the whole space.



These designs with themes and innovations enliven the whole structure. It is taken as a key planning exhibition project in coastal 有主题、有创造性bay area, creating a perfect new area exhibition space with ‘poem and distance’ for customers, co-building a miracle coastal new area, and becoming a thoughtful and unforgettable scenery in Guang Xi Coastal Town







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